Collaborating with a Stonemason

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Stone masonry, Stone mason, StonemasonFrom Stonehenge to the Taj Mahal, from Easter Island to the Great Pyramids of Egypt, stone masons have been leaving their mark on the world’s landscape since the dawn of civilization. Working with mallets, chisels, hammers and grinders, a stone mason uses heart, mind and muscle to transform a piece of stone into a thing of beauty that will be a joy forever.

In today’s modern world, it can be challenging to create a truly distinctive look in landscaping. Using mass-produced, generic products can leave a home looking bland and dull. Opportunities to collaborate with true artists to add notes of sophistication and style to the home and landscape are few and far between. More


Protecting and Maintaining Your Stone Window Sill

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Window Cill, window cillsThere are several benefits to choosing a stone window sill, highest among them is the durability of the material and that it is low-maintenance. Unlike wood, which frequently needs repainting and other preventative maintenance for rot, termites, or paint fading, stone window sills resist damage from sun and moisture exposure. While they are very durable, stone products do require some maintenance.

Most often for simple cleaning and upkeep you may use a cleaning product purchased at a retailer or compose a basic mild cleaner at home.

One other maintenance item is to protect window sills from mould and mildew, More

Comparing the Benefits of Stone and Plastic (Vinyl) Window Sills

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Window Sill, windows sillPlastic and stone window sills offer many similar benefits for the homeowner when compared against wood; both materials are durable, weather resistant, retain colour, and easy to maintain. There are important differences to be aware of as well. Cost is one obvious difference but there are a variety of other things to consider when investing in Window Sill.


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