natural paving, paving stonesThere is an array of ways to design with paving stones. For example, a long and narrow garden with a seating area might benefit from slabs of pale granite interspersed the brick or cobbles to contrast with the hues of herbaceous plants. A small, walled in garden filled with roses might benefit from an area of random granite pavers where ground covers are allowed to flourish in the jointing. A town garden that’s hidden behind the house might benefit from natural paving.

While all of the paving stones are beautiful, they have unique characteristics that make them ideal for natural paving for the garden. Granite is tough and durable and can withstand traffic. Limestone can come in blue, black or brown. Sandstone is also available in different colours and resists weathering.

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No matter now large or small a garden is it can be enhanced with just the right paving design. S&N Granite offers natural paving stones for gardens in limestone, granite, cobble and sandstone. The paving stones can be custom made to go perfectly with the colours, textures, sizes, shapes and location of any garden.  S&N paving materials are shaped by expert and experienced stone masons.