S&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

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window sill, windowsillsS&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

The windowsills of the house are one of those details that make the house attractive.

At S&N Granite we believe that windowsills should not only be meticulously designed to suit your exterior home design but also they should be of very best quality.  More


Why Choose Marble Floors?

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Marble Floors, Marble Floor TilesWhy Choose Marble Floors?

Marble floors can be suitable for all rooms around your home.  They are exceptionally durable and resist chipping and cracking if installed properly.

Variations of marble floor tiles may range in color, assortment of sizes and shapes.  Though rarely found in a pure form of any of the many colours of this exceptional building material, the veins and swirls permeating the stone enhance its decorative appeal.


The Beauty of Natural Paving Stones

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natural paving, patio paving stones

No one can argue that a home and grounds are the largest single purchase that a person will make in their lifetime.

Adding the personal touches and beautifying the landscape is the fun part.

A low cost way of creating an inspired look is to use all natural paving and patio paving stones to accentuate the beauty that already resides around you. More