Bloom The Largest Garden Festival 30th May – 3rd June

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S&N Granite will be exhibiting at Ireland’s largest gardening, food and family event.

This 5 Day event has something in store for everyone – cookery and craft demonstrations, inspiring gardens and expert gardening advice, Irish food produce, live entertainment and much much more.

If you wonder how to spend your June Bank holiday weekend – your problem is solved!

Opening Hours:

Thursday 30th May to Monday 3rd June from 10am – 6pm daily.
bloom festival
Please visit www.bloominthepark.com for information on ticket prices.


How to Use the Different Types of Limestone Paving


Natural stone is ideal for paving as it is a long lastingLimestone paving
material that doesn’t require much maintenance. Limestone is a natural stone, with different variations of colours which is ideal since it allows you to use limestone paving for various types of projects.

Indeed, you can use limestone paving for both  outdoor and indoor areas. You can mix colours, shapes, and textures to give a unique look to the flooring. When it comes to stone paving there is no limit except for your imagination.

Limestone paving is ideal for driveways due to its durability and flexibility. You can also use limestone paving for patios, pool surrounds and many other areas according to your needs. Depending on how you are using limestone paving you will need to use different techniques. For several types of outdoor areas you will need to level the ground for the flooring and lay a covering of sand to place the limestone into.

This sort of paving is also ideal for indoor areas. To find out more details about the use of limestone paving and the installation techniques click here.

Check out our range of paving products and other natural stone products for houses and outdoors here.
You can also visit our premises in Camolin or contact us to talk about your projects. Our sales team will be delighted to give you the best advice and help you find the right solutions.

How to Know if You Need to Change Your Driveway Paving

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Most people don’t pay attention topaving stones, paving supplies, paving slabs
their driveway paving stones until it is in a really bad state. Natural paving stone is the most durable option for your driveway paving. However, like almost everything, there comes a day, when you need to change it.

Have you reached this point, where your paving looks old and worn out?
Start by finding out if your  driveway paving slabs need to be replaced.

Look and see if there are stains on your paving slabs. If a sealant wasn’t applied to the paving stones, then they are more likely to be stained. For example, petroleum  products that leak from vehicles may have damaged the colour of the stones.

Paving stones may also be subject to uneven settling or deterioration. You want to make sure that you are choosing the best paving supplies to avoid such undesirable effects.
To learn more about how to protect your driveway paving and read the signs, click here.

If you are unsure of what the best next step is for your paving, ask the experts at S & N Granite. We will give you the best advice in terms of what to replace.  At S&N Granite we offer top quality paving supplies for garden, patios and driveways. We will also ensure you choose the right paving slabs for your driveway. Contact us now or visit or paving display area, only 1 hour from Dublin. S&N Granite.ie

Using Light Coloured Limestone Paving to Enhance Your Garden

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Limestone paving is not only a goodLimestone Paving, Stone paving, Paving
choice for your garden stone
because it is durable, but
also because it is a very efficient way to add light to your outdoor area. To create this effect, use light coloured limestone paving.

Light coloured limestone paving will instantly attract the eye and highlight your garden plants and garden decorations. To the contrary, dark stone paving gives a duller look to your garden.