Natural stone is ideal for paving as it is a long lastingLimestone paving
material that doesn’t require much maintenance. Limestone is a natural stone, with different variations of colours which is ideal since it allows you to use limestone paving for various types of projects.

Indeed, you can use limestone paving for both  outdoor and indoor areas. You can mix colours, shapes, and textures to give a unique look to the flooring. When it comes to stone paving there is no limit except for your imagination.

Limestone paving is ideal for driveways due to its durability and flexibility. You can also use limestone paving for patios, pool surrounds and many other areas according to your needs. Depending on how you are using limestone paving you will need to use different techniques. For several types of outdoor areas you will need to level the ground for the flooring and lay a covering of sand to place the limestone into.

This sort of paving is also ideal for indoor areas. To find out more details about the use of limestone paving and the installation techniques click here.

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