People often associate natural stone with paving,stone cladding
both for indoors and outdoor areas. However,
natural stone is an ideal material for cladding.It is
very low maintenance, and lasts longer than other
cladding or paving supplies.

There are many other reasons you should use it both for stone cladding and stone paving. It gives a beautiful and natural touch to your home. For those who may be looking to sell a property, stone increases the value for potential buyers. With natural stone paving or stone cladding you are choosing the highest quality material. making it the best choice for your home, and your budget.

Various other indoor uses for stone cladding are for fireplace surrounds, which will give a warm and rustic feel to your living room. Natural stone cladding will last much longer than traditional paints and siding.

You can also use stone cladding or paving in different ways. Natural stone paving is ideal for walkways and driveways, see some examples here. Stone cladding allows you to give a face-lift to your home.

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