Sandstone and limestone pavinglimestone paving, paving stones, stone paving
stones are ideal for adding style to the outdoor areas of your home. You can arrange paving stones in a unique design using their various natural
colours from rustic brown to soft shades of grey according to the ambiance you want to
create in  your garden or patio.

Stone Mosaics bring both  Style and Durability

With sandstone and limestone paving you ensure that your paving will last longer. Not only are limestone and sandstone functional but they also  give you the freedom  to  create  a unique stone paving design thanks to their various colours, shapes and sizes available.

Flooring for Outdoor Living Areas

Limestone and sandstone paving stones are perfect for creating custom flooring designs for a back garden patio. Sandstone and limestone paving adapt to every decorative style. Limestone paving in shades of greyish blue adds drama and excitement to entertainment areas.

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