How Can Stone Cladding Be Used Inside Your Home

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Bring more character and originalitystone cladding
to your home interior with the use of stone cladding. Today cladding supplies offer far more choice with options like natural stone which is now far more accessible in terms of price. With the availability of high quality natural stone you will achieve the authenticity you are hoping for from your interior project.

Natural stone can be cut into lightweight, thin sheets to enhance the décor of your home and natural stone cladding can be used in different rooms to convey a specific atmosphere. Whether you want to give a rustic feel to your living room with your fireplace or get an elegant bathtub surround, cladding is the perfect element to add a touch of authenticity. More

Maintaining Your Stone Paving Patio

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Although no patio material ispaving, stone paving, paving slabs
completely maintenance free, stone paving comes very close. With a minimal amount of care, patios made from paving stones like granite, limestone or sandstone will look and function well for generations. Choosing the right paving for your location and ensuring that it’s properly laid is the key to success. Poor installation can result in uneven settlement and cause the paving slabs to separate, crack, chip or break.

Routine Cleaning Chores

Regularly sweeping a patio helps keep it free of debris that can stain the stones. On sunny days, using a garden hose to spray away surface debris is also effective. More