Bring more character and originalitystone cladding
to your home interior with the use of stone cladding. Today cladding supplies offer far more choice with options like natural stone which is now far more accessible in terms of price. With the availability of high quality natural stone you will achieve the authenticity you are hoping for from your interior project.

Natural stone can be cut into lightweight, thin sheets to enhance the décor of your home and natural stone cladding can be used in different rooms to convey a specific atmosphere. Whether you want to give a rustic feel to your living room with your fireplace or get an elegant bathtub surround, cladding is the perfect element to add a touch of authenticity.
The type of material that you choose is extremely important depending on the decorative effect that you want to give. Find out about the many types of natural stone and colours that you can use by reading the full article here.

For every project that requires the use of natural stone, S&N Granite offers a wide range of options. We are experts in paving supplies,  cladding supplies and many other natural stone products for interiors, gardens and patios. Browse our products on, call us for guidance on your project ideas, or come visit our new display area in Camolin, Co. Wexford, only an hour from Dublin.