The Benefits of Stone Cladding

exterior_stone_claddingStone cladding has a wide range of benefits stretching beyond its original and distinctive appearance.

 A major benefit of stone cladding is its ability to act as both a noise and heat insulator for your home. Quality stone cladding can greatly reduce external noise such as traffic and roadwork’s.

Good stone cladding has a great ability to keep internal temperatures constant despite external temperatures, whether they are hot or cold. This can be a great help when trying to reduce both your heating costs and carbon footprint.

Stone cladding materials such as granite and sandstone are extremely durable and act as a great first defence against harsh weather conditions.

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At S&N Granite, we have an extensive range of cladding materials such granite exterior cladding and sandstone. All of our stone cladding finishes are applied with ease at a fast rate ensuring there are no interruptions to the use of your home or business.