Give Your Home a New Look With Stone Cladding

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Granite CladdingAre you looking to renovate the exterior of your home? You may be thinking of a new lick of paint or having your pebble dashed walls redone however, stone cladding is a material that has the capability of transforming the outside of your home.

Stone Cladding is becoming a popular choice for a number of reasons one being it is available in a wide variety of colours and materials which means you are sure to find the look the you want to create for the outside of your home. It also requires minimal installation time which is another reason it is a regular choice for renovating the outside of homes.

Stone cladding is available in a number of different styles including; granite rock faced stone cladding, slate cladding stone and quartz stone cladding. Stone Cladding is very pleasing aesthetically but it can also bring your home other benefits in terms of strength and insulation.

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At S&N Granite we have a wide range of stone cladding products available which may be what you need to give your home that new look. To see our full range you can visit our website or drop by our showroom which is located in Camolin, just an hour outside of Dublin. For more information on our stone cladding products please contact us.

Tips on how to clean your Natural Stone

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PavingIn order to keep your stone paving in good condition it is important that you do not let your paving get overrun with weeds or moss as it is very difficult to get stone paving back to its best condition if these have been allowed to settle in. When cleaning your stone paving you must be careful in which products and techniques that you decide to use.

A common stain found on paving slabs would be concrete, and if this is not removed quickly it is often difficult to remove. You may require a chemical product to remove the stains but you must be careful with which product you use as some of them can damage certain types of stone paving, so make sure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

You may also look to use a power washer or hose to try remove stains from your stone paving but again using these may result in damage of your paving stones depending on which type of stone it is, sometimes the best solution may be a bucket of soapy water.

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At S&N Granite we offer a wide range of natural stone paving products such as paving slabs, Indian sandstone paving and limestone paving.  For more information on our paving products please contact us.