Slate_stone_claddingWhen embarking on a project which involves creating the look and feel of a stone wall without building a full stone wall on either the inside or outside of your home you have two main options. You could either use artificial stone veneer or natural stone cladding.

Artificial Cladding Materials

Artificial cladding materials are made by blending cement with aggregate materials like pumice and colour pigments. The look of concrete cladding has improved over the last few years however, the material can chip quite easily which often will require expensive repairs. Also when artificial cladding is used as exterior cladding it tends to absorb crystalline deposits, which create a film which is hard to remove.

Natural Stone Cladding 

Natural stone cladding is real stone which has been carved into thin slices, creating cladding which is light enough to use in virtually any application. It can be easily applied to most surfaces and while it is more expensive than artificial cladding it has a longer life span. There is a wide selection of colours, textures, shapes and sizes which are suitable for projects on both the inside and outside of your home.

To find out more information on whether to choose artificial stone veneer or natural stone cladding you can read this article in full here.

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