How Do You Choose Your Stone Cladding Wall Materials?

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In our latest article on Stone Cladding, we give advice on what to consider when choosing stone cladding materials for your walls. 239_2009121111231Residential_House_with_Granite_Chamfered_Quoins,_Stringcourse,_Window_Cills,_Window_Heads_and_Arch

Stone cladding can restore a historic home to its original glory and transform a modern home into a sophisticated and stylish abode. Cladding fashioned with natural stone offers more durability than any other materials, making it a functional choice for both interior and exterior applications. Because the cut, type and colour of the cladding stone you choose will also define the style of your home, you’ll want to explore all of your options to ensure the ideal selection.

Read more of this expert article on stone cladding which delves deeper into considerations such as the types of natural stone cladding that are available and also various types of style and character that can give your home either an olde style or modern look. SNGranite also have a fantastic gallery of stone cladding, stone paving and garden ornaments on our site. Click here to browse through some of the beautiful products to get ideas for your home and garden.


Great Ideas for Terrace/Courtyard Paving

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Indian Sandstone Paving ,Sandstone PavingWhen it comes to making a big decision like changing the paving of your terrace or courtyard or starting out on creating a new area in your garden. It is going to be very important to research and identify exactly what it is you want in your patio area. It is not something you are going to change in a years time! S&N Granite are very aware of the above and have been actively publishing articles on everything that you need to consider when investing in Stone Paving for your garden. Read our latest article here which explores ideas around designs etc that you may wish to implement in your paving project. Click through to our extensive Info Centre on SNGranite.ie and you will be sure to find many articles that will help inform your decision when it comes to making that big decision. Please Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where we regularly update on events, news and info!

Choosing The Right Garden Paving Material

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The paving material that you choose for your garden will define both the functionality and the style of the space.  S&N Granite explore some of the options you can look at when facing the dilemma of choosing stone paving for your garden project. Garden paths, patios and terraces not only need to stand up to foot traffic but to the constant assault of sun, wind, rain and snow too. For its durability and resistance to weather, stone paving is a supremely practical choice, and it’s hard to match natural stone for sheer beauty as well. The following tips can help you select the stone paving material best for you.

In this article which can be found on our website we look at limestone paving, granite paving and slate options. We supply and fit one of Ireland’s largest ranges of stone paving. Check out our new website and get some great ideas for paving projects in our garden and paving display area.

You can always contact one of our paving specialists by phone or email and we would be delighted to talk you through the pros and cons of the various types of paving materials available on the market today.

Read the full article here.

Pave Your Home with Natural Stone!

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S&N Granite have released their latest article focusing on paving the interior of your home with natural stone paving. We look at Stone Pavingconsiderations such as looking for flooring materials that are not only beautiful but durable and easy to maintain as well. Natural stone paving ticks all the boxes. The article goes on to explore the sizes and finishes that will best suit the modern home-owners tastes. Patterns with contrasting insets or borders turn plain floors into attractive focal points.
Click here to read more about choosing stone paving for your interior paving project. Or you can visit our paving display area on one of Ireland’s best stone paving websites. We have one of the largest ranges of paving stone in Ireland.