Create Outdoor Ambiance with Indian Sandstone Paving

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The subtle texture and colouring of Indian sandstone is making the stoneIndian Sandstone Paving a popular choice for paving drives, patios and paths. When choosing materials for outdoor garden and patio areas it is important to choose stones that will stand up to Ireland’s climate extremes.


Installing Indian sandstone paving is both an art and a science. Designs take a keen eye and an artistic sensibility. Ensuring that the gap between each stone is uniform and regular takes skill and experience. With the assistance of the right stockist, homeowners are sure to achieve the right outdoor ambiance with Indian sandstone paving.


Indian sandstone Ireland is available in a variety of colours and textures. Indian sandstone has a natural, rustic appeal, but as it has an uneven surface, it requires expert and precise handling something that S&N Granite have become known for.


At S&N Granite our stone masons have extensive knowledge of each material to ensure they understand the technique when working with these natural stones. This allows us to create the perfect Garden paving patio tiles to suit your home and will last for years to come.


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How To Lay a Stepping Stone Path

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At SNGranite there is nothing more that we love to do than give friendly advice about stone paving and stone cladding. Our experts here in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Ireland are dedicated to helping people improve their garden and courtyard spaces. In our latest article written by Michael he gives advice on ow to lay a stone paving path.

From the first step of planning your design. It is important to put your own individual touches to this and when your friends come around and admire your handy work you will feel great.

Secondly Michael explains how to prepare the surface for laying your paving slabs, what to look out for and what to expect. Finally, he walks you through the laying of the stone paving.

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Matching Stone Paving With Window Sills and Door Arches

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When it comes writing the most interesting articles on stone paving that can be found on the web, check out latest article on choosing paving stone for your home or garden. You can select materials from stone paving suppliers that will Stone Paving Displayeither blend in with architectural details like window sills and door arches or that will stand out in stark contrast. Both approaches can achieve pleasing results. Great home design contains both unifying elements and contrasting components. The following tips can help you match your paving stone to your personal style.

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