Sandstone paving  is one of the most beautiful types of stone a home-owner can useSandstone Paving for their property and Indian sandstone paving is exceptional in its beauty.


Some colours include; light and dark greys, grey greens and cream & beige. Sandstone paving materials not only come in a variety of colours but also a variety of shapes including circular, square, oval and a variety of sizes  two, three, four and five meter sizes.

You will be surprised at how many shades, sizes and shapes of Indian sandstone there are and how they can be arranged in your landscape.


Indian Sandstone is excellent for patio paving, driveways and garden paths. S&N’s expert masons can cut their paver’s into all sorts of shapes to fulfil any design requirements.

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A family owned business founded in the 1990s, S&N has over 100 square meters of paving in their showroom. A home-owner who’s interested in their beautiful selection of sandstone slabs and paver’s shouldn’t hesitate to visit us at our stone paving showrooms an hour outside Dublin. You can also contact us at  +353 53 9383992.