How External Cladding Enhances Structures

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External cladding is a method of placing a veneer of one substance over the exteriorExternal Cladding of a building. This provides several benefits to the surface including increasing the resistance to damage and weather, in addition to the increased aesthetics.


Resistant: As most external cladding materials are stronger than other materials such as wood, it is much more resistant to damage from outside forces.


Protection: Exterior cladding also forms the first line of defence against wind and water from entering the structure, and potentially causing dry rot or degrading the insulation


Strength: Another benefit to exterior cladding is its ability to bear & support a structural load.


Visual appeal: External cladding effect can add an appealing design to the exterior of any building type. View some cladding effects used on houses here and see for yourself.


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Tips on how to clean your Natural Stone

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PavingIn order to keep your stone paving in good condition it is important that you do not let your paving get overrun with weeds or moss as it is very difficult to get stone paving back to its best condition if these have been allowed to settle in. When cleaning your stone paving you must be careful in which products and techniques that you decide to use.

A common stain found on paving slabs would be concrete, and if this is not removed quickly it is often difficult to remove. You may require a chemical product to remove the stains but you must be careful with which product you use as some of them can damage certain types of stone paving, so make sure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

You may also look to use a power washer or hose to try remove stains from your stone paving but again using these may result in damage of your paving stones depending on which type of stone it is, sometimes the best solution may be a bucket of soapy water.

To read the full article on tips on how to clean your natural stone please click here.

At S&N Granite we offer a wide range of natural stone paving products such as paving slabs, Indian sandstone paving and limestone paving.  For more information on our paving products please contact us.

The Benefits of Stone Cladding: Insulation

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The Benefits of Stone Cladding

exterior_stone_claddingStone cladding has a wide range of benefits stretching beyond its original and distinctive appearance.

 A major benefit of stone cladding is its ability to act as both a noise and heat insulator for your home. Quality stone cladding can greatly reduce external noise such as traffic and roadwork’s.

Good stone cladding has a great ability to keep internal temperatures constant despite external temperatures, whether they are hot or cold. This can be a great help when trying to reduce both your heating costs and carbon footprint.

Stone cladding materials such as granite and sandstone are extremely durable and act as a great first defence against harsh weather conditions.

For more information on the benefits of stone cladding then read the full article here.

At S&N Granite, we have an extensive range of cladding materials such granite exterior cladding and sandstone. All of our stone cladding finishes are applied with ease at a fast rate ensuring there are no interruptions to the use of your home or business.

Quality Cladding Supplies for Houses and Walls

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Cladding Supplies, Cladding SuppliersThe cladding of a person’s home is the first thing that a visitor sees, so it’s crucial that it be pleasing to the eye. Besides being beautiful, it must also be made of good quality materials, as the exterior of the house or wall is there to protect it against the outside. This is why its important to ensure the materials come form a leading cladding supplier.

There are many different varieties of stone cladding, including granite cladding that will beautify the outside of a building as well as an entrance wall. Other cladding materials include quartz and slate. More

Top Quality Paving Materials

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Paving Materials, Natural Paving, Patio PavingPaving materials are chosen as much for their style as for their durability, and natural paving stones such as limestone, sandstone and granite are as attractive as they are functional. For driveways, pathways and patio paving, stone paving materials lend a home a distinctive air of sophistication.

Natural paving provides an affordable and stylish addition to your garden or patio area. Whether used in large quantities or as accent kerbs and borders, when it comes to a surface that offers durable style, natural paving exceeds expectations. More

Why Choose Marble For Fireplace Design?

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A fireplace is often the strongest architectural element in a home and as such, naturally creates a compelling focal point. Investing in a material that makes the most of this stunning feature is money well spent. A new fireplace crafted from fine marble will improve the quality of home life creating a distinctive focal point that is as functional as it is attractive.
When it comes to selecting the best material for a fireplace, nothing quite compares to the elegance of marble. Marble is long associated with fine living and style. The best fireplace design will take advantage of the variegated grain and texture of the stone.

Tips for choosing Paving Suppliers in Ireland

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Paving Suppliers, Paving Supplies, Paving StonesWhile the global marketplace has made stone paving materials more available than ever before, it can be challenging to determine which paving supplier offers the best product at the best price. It is also important to ensure you deal with paving suppliers who can promise the best quality stone products. Below are 2 key tips that can help you ensure the best paving stones:

1. Experts in Stone Masonry -Only those who have trained extensively in stone masonry apprentice programs have the knowledge and experience that working with stone requires…read more


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