Learn Methods to Get Rid of Mould on Sandstone Paving

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The latest article on our website examines how to get rid of mould from your Sandstone Paving patio. As sandstone is a durable Sandtone Mint  Fossil Tumblestonematerial there are a number of options available to you to clean off the winter grime.

The article also explores ways of preventing mould build up on your paving slabs.

From preventative measures to home remedies this article will leave you fully informed. With the spring in full effect it is time to read more of this article and get out to clean your paving while the sun is shining!

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Stone Paving: Stain Removal

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Removing Stains from Your Stone Paving

 Maintain your paving and keep it looking like new by cleaning it regularly and removing stains. Whether you have laid limestone pavingpaving, stone paving, paving slabs, stone paving or some other paving material, they are all likely to get stains on them from time to time. However, there are ways to remove common stains and growths such as oil spills and weeds.


Cleaning dirt from paving:

When it comes to the general cleaning of your paving, it is best to give your paving a good scrubbing with a stiff brush accompanied by mild detergent and hot water.


If you wish to use a power hose, you should observe the following:

  • Test hose on a small area first.
  • The hose should be held approximately at a 30 degree angle (no more than 30 degrees) on a medium pressure setting.
  • Any jointing that is removed should be replaced.


To learn how to clean weeds and oil stains, you can read the full version of this article here.

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Creating a Unique Limestone or Sandstone Paving Design for Your Outdoor Area

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Sandstone and limestone pavinglimestone paving, paving stones, stone paving
stones are ideal for adding style to the outdoor areas of your home. You can arrange paving stones in a unique design using their various natural
colours from rustic brown to soft shades of grey according to the ambiance you want to
create in  your garden or patio.

Stone Mosaics bring both  Style and Durability

With sandstone and limestone paving you ensure that your paving will last longer. Not only are limestone and sandstone functional but they also  give you the freedom  to  create  a unique stone paving design thanks to their various colours, shapes and sizes available. More

Best Treatment for Natural Stone Window Sills

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All natural stone window sills are an attractive way to update an older home. It’s often preferred due to how easy the product is to maintain.

Stone window sills don’t demand constant attention. A window sill made of granite can be easily cleaned with a stone soap that is designed to get down into the pores of the cill.


Protecting and Maintaining Your Stone Window Sill

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Window Cill, window cillsThere are several benefits to choosing a stone window sill, highest among them is the durability of the material and that it is low-maintenance. Unlike wood, which frequently needs repainting and other preventative maintenance for rot, termites, or paint fading, stone window sills resist damage from sun and moisture exposure. While they are very durable, stone products do require some maintenance.

Most often for simple cleaning and upkeep you may use a cleaning product purchased at a retailer or compose a basic mild cleaner at home.

One other maintenance item is to protect window sills from mould and mildew, More