Self Build & Improve Your Home Show 2014

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Nearly 10,000 visitors attend the show each year to get ideas, inspiration and adviceSelf_Build_show on how to build, extend or transform their home. S&N Granite will be displaying some of the finest Stone Paving and Stone Cladding products along with a range of garden ornaments. We are always delighted to offer tips and advice on granite and natural stone products.

We are really looking forward to meeting you at the 2014 Selfbuild & Improve Your Home Show at the CityWest Convention Centre this weekend. It is running from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th and we will be on hand to answer any stone paving or stone product questions you have. We always love meeting new people and this year will be no different!


Check out the details, map, times etc. here: http://bit.ly/SelfBuild-Exhibition-2014

How & Why To Use Stone Cladding

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SNGranite are experts in the field of Stone Cladding and Stone products. In our latest article we explore some of the reasons how Quartz Stone Claddingand why one should contemplate using cladding stone on their building project. Stone cladding can be utilised beautifully on both internal and external projects to add to the aesthetics of any home. It can be very expensive to use stacked stones, however stone cladding offers a cheaper alternative but still looks great.

A more recent trend in the area of landscaping shows more and more home-owners using cladding as a focal point for their garden. Features such as garden planters, outdoor bars and bbq’s can utilise stone cladding to bring out the best in any garden.

Read more of this article which delves deeper into the reasons for using stone cladding on our website or contact one of our experts through our website for all the information you need to know when embarking on your latest project. Come visit us in our extensive display area in Camolin, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.




The Benefits of Stone Cladding: Insulation

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The Benefits of Stone Cladding

exterior_stone_claddingStone cladding has a wide range of benefits stretching beyond its original and distinctive appearance.

 A major benefit of stone cladding is its ability to act as both a noise and heat insulator for your home. Quality stone cladding can greatly reduce external noise such as traffic and roadwork’s.

Good stone cladding has a great ability to keep internal temperatures constant despite external temperatures, whether they are hot or cold. This can be a great help when trying to reduce both your heating costs and carbon footprint.

Stone cladding materials such as granite and sandstone are extremely durable and act as a great first defence against harsh weather conditions.

For more information on the benefits of stone cladding then read the full article here.

At S&N Granite, we have an extensive range of cladding materials such granite exterior cladding and sandstone. All of our stone cladding finishes are applied with ease at a fast rate ensuring there are no interruptions to the use of your home or business.

How Can Stone Cladding Be Used Inside Your Home

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Bring more character and originalitystone cladding
to your home interior with the use of stone cladding. Today cladding supplies offer far more choice with options like natural stone which is now far more accessible in terms of price. With the availability of high quality natural stone you will achieve the authenticity you are hoping for from your interior project.

Natural stone can be cut into lightweight, thin sheets to enhance the décor of your home and natural stone cladding can be used in different rooms to convey a specific atmosphere. Whether you want to give a rustic feel to your living room with your fireplace or get an elegant bathtub surround, cladding is the perfect element to add a touch of authenticity. More

How to Create an Indoor-Outdoor Connection with Stone Paving

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The interior and the exterior of your home might
be separate.stone paving, paving, paving stones However,  that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them together to create a unique  and united appearance. Stone paving is a great way to merge both of these areas together.

Stone paving for paths, patios and driveways also offers opportunities to create a visual connection in your home with the landscape outside. By repeating design elements from your landscape, inside your home, interiors can blend seamlessly with your home’s exteriors.

How Stone Cladding and Stone Paving Can Enhance Your Home

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People often associate natural stone with paving,stone cladding
both for indoors and outdoor areas. However,
natural stone is an ideal material for cladding.It is
very low maintenance, and lasts longer than other
cladding or paving supplies.

There are many other reasons you should use it both for stone cladding and stone paving. It gives a beautiful and natural touch to your home. For those who may be looking to sell a property, stone increases the value for potential buyers. With natural stone paving or stone cladding you are choosing the highest quality material. making it the best choice for your home, and your budget.

Various other indoor uses for stone cladding are for fireplace surrounds, which will give a warm and rustic feel to your living room. Natural stone cladding will last much longer than traditional paints and siding.

You can also use stone cladding or paving in different ways. Natural stone paving is ideal for walkways and driveways, see some examples here. Stone cladding allows you to give a face-lift to your home.

Learn more about the benefits of stone cladding and stone paving here. Check out our website to find out what we can do for you !
If you are working on a project and could use some advice, please contact us here or come and visit our showroom in Camolin. We will be happy to help you.

Bloom The Largest Garden Festival 30th May – 3rd June

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S&N Granite will be exhibiting at Ireland’s largest gardening, food and family event.

This 5 Day event has something in store for everyone – cookery and craft demonstrations, inspiring gardens and expert gardening advice, Irish food produce, live entertainment and much much more.

If you wonder how to spend your June Bank holiday weekend – your problem is solved!

Opening Hours:

Thursday 30th May to Monday 3rd June from 10am – 6pm daily.
bloom festival
Please visit www.bloominthepark.com for information on ticket prices.

How to Use the Different Types of Limestone Paving


Natural stone is ideal for paving as it is a long lastingLimestone paving
material that doesn’t require much maintenance. Limestone is a natural stone, with different variations of colours which is ideal since it allows you to use limestone paving for various types of projects.

Indeed, you can use limestone paving for both  outdoor and indoor areas. You can mix colours, shapes, and textures to give a unique look to the flooring. When it comes to stone paving there is no limit except for your imagination.

Limestone paving is ideal for driveways due to its durability and flexibility. You can also use limestone paving for patios, pool surrounds and many other areas according to your needs. Depending on how you are using limestone paving you will need to use different techniques. For several types of outdoor areas you will need to level the ground for the flooring and lay a covering of sand to place the limestone into.

This sort of paving is also ideal for indoor areas. To find out more details about the use of limestone paving and the installation techniques click here.

Check out our range of paving products and other natural stone products for houses and outdoors here.
You can also visit our premises in Camolin or contact us to talk about your projects. Our sales team will be delighted to give you the best advice and help you find the right solutions.

Using Light Coloured Limestone Paving to Enhance Your Garden

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Limestone paving is not only a goodLimestone Paving, Stone paving, Paving
choice for your garden stone
because it is durable, but
also because it is a very efficient way to add light to your outdoor area. To create this effect, use light coloured limestone paving.

Light coloured limestone paving will instantly attract the eye and highlight your garden plants and garden decorations. To the contrary, dark stone paving gives a duller look to your garden.


Natural Stone Cladding Ideas For Your Home

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Natural cladding stone is both practical and can create a completely new look for your home or
commercial building. Slate stone cladding

Protect the underlying structure of your home or building from the weather and general wear and tear. Cladding stone has a lot of advantages over solid stone. It is lighter, less expensive and easier to install. The thickness of the cladding will depend on the specific application.


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