How to Use the Different Types of Limestone Paving


Natural stone is ideal for paving as it is a long lastingLimestone paving
material that doesn’t require much maintenance. Limestone is a natural stone, with different variations of colours which is ideal since it allows you to use limestone paving for various types of projects.

Indeed, you can use limestone paving for both  outdoor and indoor areas. You can mix colours, shapes, and textures to give a unique look to the flooring. When it comes to stone paving there is no limit except for your imagination.

Limestone paving is ideal for driveways due to its durability and flexibility. You can also use limestone paving for patios, pool surrounds and many other areas according to your needs. Depending on how you are using limestone paving you will need to use different techniques. For several types of outdoor areas you will need to level the ground for the flooring and lay a covering of sand to place the limestone into.

This sort of paving is also ideal for indoor areas. To find out more details about the use of limestone paving and the installation techniques click here.

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Using Light Coloured Limestone Paving to Enhance Your Garden

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Limestone paving is not only a goodLimestone Paving, Stone paving, Paving
choice for your garden stone
because it is durable, but
also because it is a very efficient way to add light to your outdoor area. To create this effect, use light coloured limestone paving.

Light coloured limestone paving will instantly attract the eye and highlight your garden plants and garden decorations. To the contrary, dark stone paving gives a duller look to your garden.


Natural Stone Cladding Ideas For Your Home

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Natural cladding stone is both practical and can create a completely new look for your home or
commercial building. Slate stone cladding

Protect the underlying structure of your home or building from the weather and general wear and tear. Cladding stone has a lot of advantages over solid stone. It is lighter, less expensive and easier to install. The thickness of the cladding will depend on the specific application.


Spring Ideal Home Show, RDS 19th – 21st April

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Natural Stone ProductsSpring Ideal Home Show is promising to be interesting not only for those who plan on renovating their home but also for those who just want to get fresh ideas for designing their living room and uplifting lifestyle.

Our Competitively Priced Exterior Cladding for the Best Overall Home View

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Exterior Cladding Design

External cladding delivers long-lasting beauty and sophistication to your home. A few important factors should be taken into consideration when choosing stone cladding supplier – cladding stones should be crafted from finest materials, they should be strong, dense and durable and most importantly purchased from a reliable stone mason that has years of experience. More

SelfBuild Workshop

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Self-building? Where do you start?

Self Build Workshop SNGranite

Start from a unique workshop on tips and advice about how to build your dream home.

SelfBuild Workshop is 2 hour information packed tutorial which takes place at the SelfBuild & Improve Your Home show, King’s Hall Belfast on Saturday 16th February.
Cost £20 (includes show entry)

More details about the workshop can be found here…

SelfBuild Show – Cork 9th – 11th Nov 2012

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S & N Granite will be attending the Self Build Show from the 9th – 11th November 2012 at Millstreet, Co Cork.

Whether you’re self building or making some home improvements you’ll find all the products, advice and information you’ll need… Open from 11am-6pm each day

Opening Times:
Friday 9th: 11am–6pm
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th: 11am–6pm

Call S&N Granite today for more detail

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