Make a Feature Wall in Your Living Space with Internal Stone Cladding

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Feature walls made a big splash in the design world in recent years as decorators finally reached the conclusion that there’s no reason for all the walls in a room to be the same colour. stone claddingA feature wall in a different hue can turn a bland vertical space into a design statement that commands attention. If not done artfully, however, the abrupt change in colour can have a jarring effect. Today, savvy interior designers are realising that a wall with a different texture like natural stone cladding has a more pleasing impact on the viewer than one with a sharply contrasting colour.

Read our full article on how a beautiful internal stone cladding wall can add style and sophistication to your home.


How External Cladding Enhances Structures

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External cladding is a method of placing a veneer of one substance over the exteriorExternal Cladding of a building. This provides several benefits to the surface including increasing the resistance to damage and weather, in addition to the increased aesthetics.


Resistant: As most external cladding materials are stronger than other materials such as wood, it is much more resistant to damage from outside forces.


Protection: Exterior cladding also forms the first line of defence against wind and water from entering the structure, and potentially causing dry rot or degrading the insulation


Strength: Another benefit to exterior cladding is its ability to bear & support a structural load.


Visual appeal: External cladding effect can add an appealing design to the exterior of any building type. View some cladding effects used on houses here and see for yourself.


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Entrance Gate Design Ideas

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Stone gates posts not only convey a feeling of history, security and permanencegranite-rockfaced-cladding-entrance but a sense of the home-owners taste for quality as well. Available in a variety of designs and configurations, entrance gates can be crafted as straight-forward gateways or as sweeping entrances worthy of the grandest estate. Structures can be built from stone blocks or stones or can be covered in rock-faced cladding.


For long-lasting style, granite is the optimum choice for driveway gates, but it takes talented stone masons and craftsmen to construct them well.


Top Trends in Stone Cladding Spring/Summer 2014

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S&N Granite have compiled another informative article based on insider knowledge of the trends in stone cladding for Spring/SummerGrey Stone Cladding 2014. We explore stack stone looks, textures and colours that are trending recently and what to look out for over the coming months.

Whether you want to dry stack the cladding to optimise textural contrast or affix the cladding with mortar to achieve a more traditional look, the best cladding suppliers offer everything that you need to update your home or garden this season with fashionable cladding stone.

To read more of this article click here or if you are interested in speaking to the experts contact us through our website or visit our display area in Camolin, Co. Wexford.

Give Your Home a New Look With Stone Cladding

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Granite CladdingAre you looking to renovate the exterior of your home? You may be thinking of a new lick of paint or having your pebble dashed walls redone however, stone cladding is a material that has the capability of transforming the outside of your home.

Stone Cladding is becoming a popular choice for a number of reasons one being it is available in a wide variety of colours and materials which means you are sure to find the look the you want to create for the outside of your home. It also requires minimal installation time which is another reason it is a regular choice for renovating the outside of homes.

Stone cladding is available in a number of different styles including; granite rock faced stone cladding, slate cladding stone and quartz stone cladding. Stone Cladding is very pleasing aesthetically but it can also bring your home other benefits in terms of strength and insulation.

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At S&N Granite we have a wide range of stone cladding products available which may be what you need to give your home that new look. To see our full range you can visit our website or drop by our showroom which is located in Camolin, just an hour outside of Dublin. For more information on our stone cladding products please contact us.

The Benefits of External Cladding Stone Structures

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external cladding, exterior cladding, cladding stone

The exterior of a home or commercial property is the structure’s first defence against extreme weather.

Therefore choosing the right external cladding supplies that will stand up to sun, wind, rain and snow is of paramount importance. More