The Variety of Indian Sandstone Paving

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Sandstone paving  is one of the most beautiful types of stone a home-owner can useSandstone Paving for their property and Indian sandstone paving is exceptional in its beauty.


Some colours include; light and dark greys, grey greens and cream & beige. Sandstone paving materials not only come in a variety of colours but also a variety of shapes including circular, square, oval and a variety of sizes  two, three, four and five meter sizes.



Beautify Your Driveway Or Pathway With Natural Paving Stones

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The front garden of a home is the best opportunity to leave good first impression for Paving stonesyour guests. Take this opportunity to add some style and sophistication to your driveway. SNGranite pride ourselves on the best quality stone paving products in Ireland.


Natural paving stones provide the property with an aura of beauty, distinction and quality.


Create Outdoor Ambiance with Indian Sandstone Paving

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The subtle texture and colouring of Indian sandstone is making the stoneIndian Sandstone Paving a popular choice for paving drives, patios and paths. When choosing materials for outdoor garden and patio areas it is important to choose stones that will stand up to Ireland’s climate extremes.


Installing Indian sandstone paving is both an art and a science. Designs take a keen eye and an artistic sensibility. Ensuring that the gap between each stone is uniform and regular takes skill and experience. With the assistance of the right stockist, homeowners are sure to achieve the right outdoor ambiance with Indian sandstone paving.


Indian sandstone Ireland is available in a variety of colours and textures. Indian sandstone has a natural, rustic appeal, but as it has an uneven surface, it requires expert and precise handling something that S&N Granite have become known for.


At S&N Granite our stone masons have extensive knowledge of each material to ensure they understand the technique when working with these natural stones. This allows us to create the perfect Garden paving patio tiles to suit your home and will last for years to come.


Click here to read full article on how Indian Sandstone can create outdoor ambiance.

You can also visit our website if you have any queries or visit us at our wonderful showroom and outdoor display area in Camolin, Co. Wexford.

Top Quality Paving Materials

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natural paving, patio paving, paving materialsTop quality paving materials can be appreciated for their durability. There are many types of natural paving stones to choose from: limestone, sandstone, granite, cobble all of which add style and sophistication to your home.

Indian Sandstone paving materials is a good idea for your driveway or patio paving. Natural paving materials have specific colors beige, grey, brown, yellow and mint. Sandstone natural paving, for example, creates a long-lasting surface that requires little maintenance. More

The Beauty of Natural Paving Stones

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natural paving, patio paving stones

No one can argue that a home and grounds are the largest single purchase that a person will make in their lifetime.

Adding the personal touches and beautifying the landscape is the fun part.

A low cost way of creating an inspired look is to use all natural paving and patio paving stones to accentuate the beauty that already resides around you. More

Top Quality Paving Materials

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Paving Materials, Natural Paving, Patio PavingPaving materials are chosen as much for their style as for their durability, and natural paving stones such as limestone, sandstone and granite are as attractive as they are functional. For driveways, pathways and patio paving, stone paving materials lend a home a distinctive air of sophistication.

Natural paving provides an affordable and stylish addition to your garden or patio area. Whether used in large quantities or as accent kerbs and borders, when it comes to a surface that offers durable style, natural paving exceeds expectations. More

Natural Paving Designs for all Garden Sizes

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natural paving, paving stonesThere is an array of ways to design with paving stones. For example, a long and narrow garden with a seating area might benefit from slabs of pale granite interspersed the brick or cobbles to contrast with the hues of herbaceous plants. A small, walled in garden filled with roses might benefit from an area of random granite pavers where ground covers are allowed to flourish in the jointing. A town garden that’s hidden behind the house might benefit from natural paving.

While all of the paving stones are beautiful, they have unique characteristics that make them ideal for natural paving for the garden. More