Beautify Your Driveway Or Pathway With Natural Paving Stones

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The front garden of a home is the best opportunity to leave good first impression for Paving stonesyour guests. Take this opportunity to add some style and sophistication to your driveway. SNGranite pride ourselves on the best quality stone paving products in Ireland.


Natural paving stones provide the property with an aura of beauty, distinction and quality.


Great Ideas for Terrace/Courtyard Paving

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Indian Sandstone Paving ,Sandstone PavingWhen it comes to making a big decision like changing the paving of your terrace or courtyard or starting out on creating a new area in your garden. It is going to be very important to research and identify exactly what it is you want in your patio area. It is not something you are going to change in a years time! S&N Granite are very aware of the above and have been actively publishing articles on everything that you need to consider when investing in Stone Paving for your garden. Read our latest article here which explores ideas around designs etc that you may wish to implement in your paving project. Click through to our extensive Info Centre on SNGranite.ie and you will be sure to find many articles that will help inform your decision when it comes to making that big decision. Please Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where we regularly update on events, news and info!

How To Design A Well-Thought-Out Paving Stone Patio

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In our latest article written by our expert stone masons in Co. Wexford, Ireland. Paving stonesWe look at what it takes to design and lay the best garden stone paving. A properly installed and well thought out paving stone patio enhances the look of your home and makes outdoor living more enjoyable. Whether you want a limestone paving patio that harmonises with the architectural style of your home or a granite stone patio built for heavy use, careful planning and preparation ensures that you’ll be pleased with the results for many years to come. Firstly, when embarking on any project like this planning is key. Drawing out a plan will help you when it comes to visualising and purchasing materials.

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Our experts based in Camolin, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford will support and help you design the paving project of your dreams. Come and visit us any day and we will be delighted to help.

Best Materials for Paving in Ireland

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Granite Paving Brick Brown With regard to paving Ireland, nothing beats natural stone for durability and character. Whether for a historic home or for new construction, driveways, walkways and kerbs stone adds functionality and distinction to any home and commercial building.

As proven by cobblestone streets that remain intact and in good condition for centuries, stone is the ideal choice for paving Ireland. Stone shrugs off harsh climate conditions, and its strength takes heavy weight in its stride.

Just as a granite countertop can turn a kitchen into something special, granite paving stone can add a stylish, sophisticated look to a home’s exterior.

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