Where to find a Quality Window Sills Supplier?

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You might not think about them often, but window sills are more important than you realise. For example, did you know rotted sills window sills, window sills Irelandcan cause exposure and water damage to the very foundation of your windows? Did you know that poorly-insulated sills can lead to legitimate health hazards?


At S&N Granite, we understand the importance of having quality window sills at prices you can afford. That’s why we only offer the best selections in natural stone for all your home improvement needs.


We offer a variety of  exterior home materials, some examples of what we offer:


Granite Chamfered Quoin

Granite Rockfaced Quoin

Granite Coarse Quoin

Granite Window Sills

All-Natural Limestone Window Sills

Contact us today at S&N Granite for newer, better window sills. We’ll give you a personal tour of our showroom for an up-close look at our entire range of genuine natural stone. There’s no risk, no obligation and nothing to loose.

Read some of our specialist stone mason articles with advice and tips when considering new window sills here.

Some Advice on Limestone and Granite Window Sills

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Granite Window SillsWindows and doors are those architectural elements of building structure that first catch your eye.

Stone windowsills add a distinctive accent to your home as well as long lasting weather protection for the years to come when installed by a qualified stone mason. More

Choosing Long Lasting Window Sills

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window sills, window sills IrelandChoosing long lasting and durable window sills can save you the hassle of replacing them every decade. Nothing works better for window sills than a product that nature has melded and designed for millions of years. Natural stone window sills Ireland brings the quality, durability and an honest value to your home. More

Best Treatment for Natural Stone Window Sills

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Window Sills, Window CillAll natural stone window sills are an attractive way to update an older home. The best treatment for natural stone window sills is minimal. Compared to wooden sills the product is easier to maintain when properly treated. More

S&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

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window sill, windowsillsS&N Granite’s Window Sill Variety

The windowsills of the house are one of those details that make the house attractive.

At S&N Granite we believe that windowsills should not only be meticulously designed to suit your exterior home design but also they should be of very best quality.  More

Best Treatment for Natural Stone Window Sills

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All natural stone window sills are an attractive way to update an older home. It’s often preferred due to how easy the product is to maintain.

Stone window sills don’t demand constant attention. A window sill made of granite can be easily cleaned with a stone soap that is designed to get down into the pores of the cill.


Window Sills and Weatherproofing

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Window Sills, Window CillWhen the cold creeps in, it is time to increase the heat. As valuable as a heater is, it can actually worsen the situation by wasting energy and increasing bills. That is when it becomes necessary to proof the window sills against the conditions of the weather.

When people make a few affordable fixes, they are better able to prevent the entry of cold air. There are tips available to prevent leaks and weatherproof windows sills, please find some handy tips below and ensure every window cill in your home is weather proof

Reduce Drafts…

Apply a Sealant…

Use Weather Strips… More

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