Spring Cleaning Tips for a Natural Stone Window Sill

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Granite Window SillsNatural stone windowsills add character and style to a building. Stone window sill will continue to enhance beauty and elegance of your home if you take a proper care of it.

Stones like granite and limestone, although durable, are subject to abrasion. More


Some Thoughts on Window Sill Material Options

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window sills ireland, windows sillsThe selection of construction materials is an important facet of any project and there are multiple factors to consider when choosing those products that will best serve your needs for window sills in Ireland

– Climate & Exposure -The physical conditions and stresses caused by climate are an important issue to consider when selecting window sills materials in Ireland.

– Aesthetics & Design – A second important item is the age and design aesthetic of your home. More

Comparing the Benefits of Stone and Plastic (Vinyl) Window Sills

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Window Sill, windows sillPlastic and stone window sills offer many similar benefits for the homeowner when compared against wood; both materials are durable, weather resistant, retain colour, and easy to maintain. There are important differences to be aware of as well. Cost is one obvious difference but there are a variety of other things to consider when investing in Window Sill.